Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kush Session Promo Reel

Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday it goes down at Kush Lounge with DJ Mus & BlaqJeff, with special guest DJs playing the best of House Music.

Kush Lounge
191 Chrystie Street 
(between Stanton and Rivington Streets)
New York City, 10002

For more info on Kush Sessions and other events hosted by Astoria DJ Group,

Friday, December 24, 2010

Good Copy, Bad Copy

If you remember my posting on the movie RIP, here's another film on the same topic about copyrights. Watch it and learn.

Monday, December 6, 2010 & DJ DERRICK MAY AT EXITFEST 06'

Derrick May breaks it down why the USA doesn't have a strong dance music scene or festivals as they do in Europe. I never understood why a good dj in the USA, can never make it on their own soil, but always have to go abroad to be considered a star.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

RedBull DJ Apps

Turn your mobile phone into a complete DJ set-up and hit the road with the new Red Bull BPM range of apps for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
Whether you're a pro DJ mixing at a club or mixing music in your bedroom, the range of Red Bull BPM apps can put a complete mobile DJ booth in your pocket. Quick to install and easy to understand, the apps are compatible with a wide range of sound formats. You can use it on it's own and even in harmony with your traditional vinyl decks or CD-player. Just add an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
The Red Bull BPM applications have been developed over the past 10 months in partnership with Stereomusik Systems in Essen, Germany.
The range of brand new DJ applications include a handy customizable player, iTunes library import, built-in effects engine, Vinyl Vision, iTunes tag management, built-in virtual audio mixer, zero latency monitoring and two independent stereo outputs on WLAN or Bluetooth – interested? Then Red Bull BPM apps might be right for you.
More information on the application
Never miss a beat
Using a phone as the base for a DJ set-up poses a unique problem but we've found an ingenious solution. An iPod touch, iPhone or iPad only has one stereo output, so how can you listen to the next track before you cue it up?

Red Bull BPM apps overcome this limitation by offering a special audio SPLIT CABLE ADAPTER, also supporting the MasterOut app to provide two separate stereo outputs for monitoring and master for the PRO- and HD version.
Red Bull BPM SYNC software
Red Bull BPM apps sync with iTunes on your computer using the Red Bull BPM SYNC software. Click here to download and install it.

Red Bull BPM in the Apple Appstore
Can't wait to give it a go yourself? Check out the various versions of the Red Bull BPM application via the Apple Appstore.